Throne of Glass/ ACOTAR / CC Christmas Box

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•A Box inspired by ACOTAR, Crescent City and Throne of Glass. These items are a variety of present and past items from my shop. If you have bought anything from me via Etsy in the past please buy this using the same account - this way I can see your past purchases and prevent duplicate items in the box.

•Standard Box will contain six small fandom items. This will include one enamel or acrylic pin plus five other items. (If you want more than one pin please ask) Items will come in a Christmas themed box. Deluxe box will contain 10 fandom items including one item of jewellery.

If you want it purely throne of glass or ACOTAR or CC or more of one fandom than the other please ask before buying as this is subject to availability.

•Boxes will ship ASAP. International boxes shipped before December 12th should arrive on time for Christmas but please be aware I cannot guarantee this, it is a Royal Mail postage deadline not an international one.

•Rep codes not valid on this listing.